16 Addresses

by The Gaslights

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released November 1, 2007

Abigail Henderson: vocals, guitar
Chris Meck: guitar
Glen Hockemeier:drums
Matt Waddell: bass

Produced in 2007 by Chad Meise and The Gaslights. Engineered by Chad Meise. Mixed by Chad Meise with The Gaslights .. somewhere in Kansas City, MO. Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room, Chicago, IL.

Copyright © 2007 Flyover Records, ASCAP.



all rights reserved


The Gaslights Kansas City

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Track Name: Give It Back

Give me back my time, my love,
my tenderness was good enough,
too good to waste on you,
honey now we're through

Give me back my song, my heart,
my grace, my soul, my favorite bar,
they don't belong to you
You did what you had to do

Give my back my pain, my sweat
You're the one I regret
Give it back

Give me back those nights we talked
and all the miles we both walked
together, side by side.
That was just a lie.

Give me back the debts you owe
and all the things we both know
were never yours to take
never yours to break

All the days that I have lost,
you weren't worth the cost
Just give it back

You can have the bitterness
Honestly I'm over this
I might forget
I haven't yet

Give me back my myth of you,
the girl who thought the world of you
I knew it from the start,
you'd only break my heart

Give me back my precious time,
no that ain't pride ...
just give it back
Track Name: Silver Ring

We set out five years ago
not sure where the road would go
Highway miles, highway dreaming

We seen Oklahoma rain
Lafayette in spring
and an empty road
before the morning

And I know that I'm not easy
Nothing worth much ever is
Won't you take my silver ring
it's all I have to give

Trails of torn up engine parts,
busted glass and broken hearts,
beat up, broke, broke-down, and drunk on crazy

Montana almost killed us both
New York keeps her secrets close
And the stars way down in Texas still amaze me

And I know that you ain't easy
Nothing worth much ever is
I will take your silver ring
It's all you had to give

Miles and cigarettes, thicker skin and no regrets
The cold inside my bones begins to fade
Same old jeans, some other town,
tear it up then tear it down,
looks like I lost my crown along the way

We set out five years ago
down the only road I know
with the engine humming soft the myth of leaving

We stood on three coasts and prayed,
stood on three coasts and weighed
the high price of still believing

And I know that this ain't easy
Nothing worth much ever is
I still have my silver ring and he's got his
Track Name: Texas

Same old streets, same old days, same wasted nights
It's cold in this city baby, even in July
Nothing ever came easy
What I earned didn't come for free

If the wind gonna switch
and the storm gonna come
let it rain down over me

Anybody want to go to Texas,
play in a rock n' roll band?
Anybody want to roll like the wind on the road
on a string of one night stands?

Anybody sick and tired of heartache?
Are you looking for a different kind?
Anybody want to go to Texas,
because I'm leaving here tonight

I'm tired of the righteous talking
and I'm tired of the easy lies
I'm a brass-balled loudmouthed bitch
I'd never compromise

Bring that Blue Norther,
I know I'll get by
Turn the van around now,
head it south down 35

I know that prayers upon the wind
they don't mean anything
They don't mean anything at all
It ain't where you're from
but where you land my love
when you find a better place to fall
And you'll fall ...

Anybody want to go to Texas,
because I'm leaving here this time
Track Name: Still Around

The bitter pill, the wasted time,
it all came back to that white line
Hearts get broken all the time
when hearts get in the way

Boxes and a coffee cup,
what I kept, what I gave up
If I hide this long enough
will the fear just slip away?

Tomorrow you'll be drinking,
and I've already drowned
Tomorrow you'll be thinking
what I know right now

She was tall and her eyes were blue
He told me that he loved me too
I can't pin this all on you
but some things never change

I promised what most women won't
I think I did what most men don't
Kept you close enough to hold,
far enough to walk away

Tomorrow I'll be drinking,
I can tell you that right now
Tomorrow I'll be thinking
I've already drowned, I've already drowned

I am learning to forget
your middle name
and the night we met
I can't say that I regret
the day we walked way

I wonder how you are sometimes
Did you ever fit inside the lines?
I recall there was a time
when I wanted you that way

Tomorrow you'll be drinking
and I've already drowned
Tomorrow you'll be thinking
about what I'm doing now,
I'm still around
Track Name: 16 Addresses

Just one more street I don't have to drive down
One more place I don't have to go back to
Get in this car, let's ride around
There's no place that we have to run home to

Your daughters loved bad men who took all their money,
left them with children and cancer and pain
Your son left for somewhere fancy and sunny
Does he even remember your name?

16 addresses since the day that you left us,
I don't know shit about building a thing
Will you forgive us?
We outlived this place you dreamed,
this place you dreamed

I tried to stay high every Christmas
I just wanted to hang with my friends
I never thought I'd miss it
until I couldn't hold it again

Just a small town, Indian summer,
sun tea brewing by the screen door
Cool green water, Fourth of July,
it ain't mine anymore

Just one more street I don't have to drive down
One more place that ain't mine to go back to
Track Name: Pontchartrain

Hard living I explained
We watched the light on Pontchartrain
We closed our eyes and prayed for rain
We knew that it would come

Where the Mississippi ends,
pours its heartache out again,
a thousand stories found the sand
and sank into the sun

I don't have the patience
for the ugliness of winter
I don't want to stay
and fight another one

Somewhere there's a road
that ain't broken with the cold
where the stories sink and roll
and slip into the sun

Easy living, wasted time
Shot of whiskey with your wine
Does that memory survive
or did it wash away?

Well, she rolls along,
sings a darker hollow song
I still believe that we belong
where the river rolls away
Track Name: Last Dollar

Oh well I've been to Texas,
I've been to Baton Rouge
And I've driven out past Little Rock
'cause darling I've got nothing left to prove

I've been poor enough
to have to spend
that last dollar
I keep inside my shoe

Go on now lead the life
you're gonna live sweetheart
I'll lead the life I choose
What else I gonna do?

I got good folk in Missouri
I got good friends in Tennessee
And Miss Rhonda out in Kansas
she always take good care of me

Sweet Louisiana,
where the whiskey's always free
Wherever it is we're rolling darlin'
that's where, where I'm gonna be

I got a friend in California
She says she's gonna be a star
She hooked up with some producer
I hear he drives a fancy car

All those empty promises
All they ever gonna do
is break your heart

Go on, headline the Filmore mama
I'll keep playing these dive bars ...
over and over again
Track Name: Pretty Little Thing

Empty conversation
beneath the neon lights
A lot of useless information
up from the barroom floor tonight

Call me what you like,
I'll never be your pretty little thing
Cut me down with all the mean you got,
I'll never be your pretty little thing

I remember talk around the table
when the heroes all were hungry
Situations change and now they sit,
they sit spiritless and lonely

I saw you up there once
You were arrogant and limitless
Is this what you traded in,
all your innocence for bitterness?

And I watch the fancy girls take off their clothes
I watch the fancy girls take off all their clothes
That's what their mama's taught 'em, I suppose
I'll never be, I'll never be your pretty, little thing

What's past is past my darlin', now it's gone
and the details do not matter
We are the ghosts who ceaselessly move on
humbled, cooled and shattered

Call me what you like
I'll never be your pretty little thing
I'm too proud and scarred
to ever be your pretty little thing
Track Name: Across Your Skin

These are the scars I know,
the ones that I've forgotten
They landed on me once,
cut the skin clean open

These are my memories,
stories in my skin
I didn't put them there
They kind of worked their way in

So you got a new tattoo
hummingbird and anchor
I want to touch you there
where the needle made you bleed

I got one across my heart,
but the healing made it raise
The fool who did the work
let the color fade

and I see you
and the secrets that you tell
Every letter, every color
You wear them well

When we're young we hold our sins brilliant like a diamond
All the promises we kept and lost along the way
When we're young we hold the hope that someday we'll have better
Never think of what we are as just a string of yesterdays

I read you like a book
You wear it on your sleeve
This dragon broke your heart
This diamond made you bleed

This face, he is your hero
These words were for your wife
And each one was forever,
for the rest of your life

And I see you,
everywhere you've been
Etched like a map
across your skin

There are years I can't recall
and love I don't want to remember
I'm reminded in the light
when I look inside the mirror

And time she has a way
of healing what remains
but she can't erase the ink
and she can't erase the pain
Track Name: 15 Hands

I want a horse
that measures 15 hands,
my own scrap of dirt
and a good honest man

Coffee in the morning
and a fire at night
Snow in December
and tomatoes in July

I don't need nobody
to pay my bills
Mama never took a handout
I never will

I'll work till I die
on a thing that I love
and know at the end of the day
that's enough

Well, that's enough
Honey, that's enough

I want to trust the dirt
I'm standing on
knowing full well
I'll have to walk it all alone

And if I find a place
to settle down,
may it be somewhere quiet
on the outskirts of town

I need a warm place
to lay my head,
my good dog curled up
at the foot of my bed

I work every morning,
I drink whiskey every night
with that Sunday that comes
after Saturday night, Saturday night
Track Name: Nadeen

Well I'm 40 miles from Wichita and I can see forever
in the backseat rolling fast at 85
It's a promise as familiar as a Sunday chicken dinner,
but out here it can eat your heart alive

If I give you all I got will you give me just a little,
a little more to get me through the night
Whiskey, pills, or love my darlin', it don't really matter
A little more will get me down the line

Oh Nadeen,
put on your red dress honey, dance for me
You're the finest thing I've ever seen
Oh, my sweet Nadeen

I've seen the worst, I've seen the best, forgiven some, forgot the rest,
and restlessness has gotten me this far
Old dark roads and neon lights and bad cocaine and sleepless nights,
a busted suitcase and an old guitar

Well I'm 40 miles past Wichita and bound for Colorado,
where the mountains turn to desert to sea
Somewhere in the constellations mama, I can see you dancing,
your pretty eyes are smiling back at me

Oh, Nadeen ..

Well, I promise I'll be safe and I promise I'll take care,
and I promise you I'll see you here again
And if you swear you'll keep on dancing then I swear I'll keep on singing,
'cause this road is long and it don't ever end
Track Name: On The Market

Put a coat of paint on the marks that measured
three generations on a doorframe in the bedroom
Pull the blinds, scrub the dirt of forty winters
building fires out in the front room

I never noticed how it smelled
like eucalyptus and lemon oil
until it reeked of emptiness

I never noticed how the sunlight
cut so deep across the kitchen,
til all the wooden spoons were gone

It's on the market
Fifty years is up for sale
If the asking price is too high
I'm sure they'll cut a deal

But the memory comes with it though,
it's buried in the wood
I don't have the room,
or I'd take it if I could
I would take it if I could

Someone new
will paint the basement stairs
Fire-engine red
is not in style this year

Someone new will pull the boxwoods
from that unforgiving clay
It took them twenty years to grow

Get in the corners, clean the dog-hair
and stray puzzle pieces
from children long since grown

Dig up the flower pots,
put chrysanthemums outside
No one wants to buy
a lonely house in wintertime

It's on the market ...